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Luna lvl 50

2009-12-12 05:24:42 by Tekaslima

Am lvl 50 :D finaly!The big level, where u can use big wings, u have new skills, cool armor and weapon, new cool quests and u say:
-Only 50 more lvls to lvl 100 :D!
That's why its cool .

Pk mode on luna

2009-11-22 04:39:50 by Tekaslima

It's not cool, unless ur like lvl 80+( even then it sucks) because in the time u have after killing someone that someone was the time to call all his friends to kill u and u don't get much exp or money or items that are worth that.


2009-11-13 17:16:27 by Tekaslima

Luna online is like the best game i have ever playd i have a lvl 45 char (her name is Tekas) and omg u all have to try it cuz,cuz its so AWESOME wen start playing u don't want to stop